Sociology Terms and Definition Graphics for Social Media 

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Part of Applied Worldwide's mission is to relate sociology to everyday life. In order to accomplish this mission we aim to help provide clarity into some of the language used in sociology. In doing so we have produced and distributed many sociology terms and definition graphics across our social media platforms. On this page you will find our growing collection of sociological terms and definitions. You are free to share these graphics on your own social media pages or use them for teaching materials. Enjoy and check back soon for more terms and defintions!

Achieved Status


Achieved Status: A status that is acquired or earned as the result of personal accomplishment and merit, that serves as a reflection of ability, choice, or personal effort. -

Agent of Socialization


Agent of socialization.jpg


Agent of Socialization: The significant individuals, groups, or institutions that influence our sense of self and the behaviors, norms, and values that help us function in society.




Alienation: The estrangement of individuals from themselves and others; a feeling of normlessnesss and powerlessness caused by separation and isolation from an individual's sense of self, society, and work.



Anomie: Normlessness or social instability caused by the erosion or absence of morals, norms, standards, and values in a society; A personal state of alienation, anxiety, and purposelessness caused by social instability. -

Ascribed Status

Ascribed Status.jpg


Ascribed Status: A status assigned at birth or assumed involuntarily later in life, often based on biological factors, that cannot be changed through individual effort or achievement.




Bias: A tendency (either known or unknown) to prefer one thing over another that prevents objectivity, that influences understanding or outcomes in some way.

Biological Determinism

Biological Determinism.jpg


Biological Determinism: The theory that all social phenomena are determined by biological factors such as genetics, not social or cultural influences.





Bourgeoisie: The [economic] class that owns the means of production.




Bureaucracy: An organization with formal procedures and standards; typically having a clear division of labor, explicit rules, and a hierarchy of authority.

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