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Sponsorship and Advertising


Applied Worldwide is a great location to promote your business, university department, podcast, conference, or other project to thousands of people interested in sociology. Our readers range from first-time sociology students to career long sociologists.


We have various sponsorship and advertising packages for 2021 starting at $50 per month. Our sponsorship and advertising packages can include ad space on our home page, subpages, articles, blog posts, and newsletters, as well as mentions on social media posts. Contact us at for more information!

2020 Statistics

  • ​30,000 page views

  • 1,000 users per month

  • 1,071,000 Twitter impressions

  • Instagram reach of 40,000

  • Facebook reach of 103,000

Global Reach​​


US Audience


  • Roughly half of our audience is based in the United States.

  • This audience mostly consists of undergraduate students, graduate students, and early career sociologists. 


Nigeria, India, UK, Canada


  • We have developed strong networks in these countries and each of them represent between 5% and 10% of our audience.

  • Our audience in the UK consists largely of students and educators as well as some practitioners and clinicians.

  • We are developing strong organizational ties in India resulting in an audience of graduate students, researchers, and other early career sociologists.

  • We are also developing organizational relationships in Canada resulting in an audience of practitioners, clinicians, and students.

  • We have networks in Nigeria—a country where sociological knowledge is in high demand—leading to strong relationships with sociology students and early career professionals.


Turkey, Mexico, Pakistan, Indonesia


  • We have published content from writers in each of these countries and we are seeing an audience consisting of students, graduate students, and professionals.

  • While the proportion of our audience from these countries varies from between just 1% and 2% of our overall viewership, we have ongoing contracts with writers from each of these places and viewership will grow.


Netherlands, Germany, Argentina, Philippines, Australia, Brazil, France


  • We have sustained an audience from these countries despite having not published writing from any of these specific locals.

  • We have immediate interest in publication from these places.