Renovations to the @SociologyTheory Twitter Handle

Luke Hanna

Luke Hanna

November 2020 | US

Renovations to the @SociologyTheory Twitter Handle

Over the past seven years, colleagues and myself have used the Twitter handle—@SociologyTheory—as a tool for teaching sociology. You can read the full history of this account in a two-part column titled The Story of @SociologyTheory: Part 1 and The Story of @SociologyTheory: Part 2. The short version is that a vast majority of the content posted by this account has been generated by students in college courses exploring the wonders of sociology.

After seven years, we have decided to renovate our platform! The handle @SociologyTheory will now serve as a teaching and learning resource sponsored by Applied Worldwide, LLC. This new arrangement will allow us to regularly post educational content that can be used for sharing on social media or for using in classroom resources.  This account will be an excellent resource for sociology students, departments, clubs, and instructors. For those who are broadly interested in sociological application, follow Applied Worldwide @ApplySociology.

Despite our changes, we want to continue posting student-generated content. This is where we will need some help!

  1. If you are a student taking a sociology class, tag us when you post sociology-related content.

  2. If you are an instructor and use Twitter in the classroom, ask your students to tag us and we will share with our community.

  3. If you are an instructor and would like to use Twitter in your classroom, think about asking your students to tag @SociologyTheory.

Using social media, particularly Twitter, to teach sociology has been a passion project of mine for several years now so I am happy to offer a free email consult to anyone who is interested in using Twitter in their classroom. Just email Luke at


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