2020 Sociological New Year's Resolutions

Stephanie Wilson  

December 2019 US

In 2012, the late  sociologist Peter Kaufman gave us five sociological New Year's resolutions. 

As I was reading through his resolutions, I noticed most everything he discussed is still relevant today as we prepare to enter a new decade. Since 2012, Americans have been through almost two presidential terms, one of which divided the country on partisan lines. We witnessed the growth of social media and have seen it infiltrate our lives—and our government—on new levels. We watched as the U.S. Supreme Court ruled  marriage as a fundamental right guaranteed to same-sex couples. Almost a year after that historic ruling, we also watched as the news reported a mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando that killed 49 people and impacted countless others.


The 2010's were filled with both great strides forward and many steps backward. With that said, it is not all that surprising that Kaufman's resolutions are still relevant today. Considering their continued relevance, I decided to replicate Kaufman's sociological New Year's resolutions and add one of my own.


So, without further ado—and starting with Kaufman's five sociological New Year's resolutions—here are Applied Worldwide's New Year's Resolutions for the Applied Sociologist:


1.  I will not rely on psycho-biological arguments to explain social phenomena.

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2.  I will use inclusive, non-biased, and non-oppressive language.

3.  I will strive to recognize my biases and assumptions and then I will try to overcome them.

4.  My personal decisions will be informed by societal needs and not just by my individual desires.

5.  I will not only study sociology; I will also do sociology.

As a sociologist in the midst of writing her academic dissertation, I am increasingly aware of the fact that I am responsible for making sure my findings reach the appropriate audiences of folks who can use those findings to enact positive change. Therefore, my sociological New Year's resolution is as follows:


 6.  I will share my research in ways that are publicly accessible.


Do you have sociological New Year's resolutions to add to our list? Head to our Instagram page to find a blank photo template to create your own sociological New Year's resolutions, or send us your resolutions on Twitter. We would like to keep a running list of sociological New Year's resolutions on this page, so make sure to tag us on Instagram @applied_worldwide and Twitter @applysociology!

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