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We welcome content submissions and will work with authors and creators to publish a variety of content. If you have a project submission please submit your proposal here or contact us at AppliedWorldwide@gmail.com. Please review our contributor agreement before submitting a proposal. Submissions that we will consider include:
LEARN • sociology
We invite you to submit sociology content, loosely, based on the following themes:
  • Critical Sociology: How can the discipline of sociology better facilitate applied sociology?

  • Applied Sociology: How can sociology be applied to different organizations, institutions, social problems?

  • Translational Sociology: How can we translate complex sociological concepts into digestible content?

  • Public Sociology: How can we, as sociologists, better engage with the general public?

  • Community Sociology: How is sociology extending beyond the walls of our universities and improving our communities?

EXPLORE • society
We invite you to submit adventure content, loosely, based on the following themes:
  • Travel: How do we experience the world beyond our "comfort zone?"

  • Art: How are lived-experiences demonstrated through different art-forms?

  • Hobbies: How do you experience the world through the lens of your interests and hobbies?

  • Pop Culture: What do we learn from our daily interactions with culture?

  • Community Engagement: How do we experience communal activities like volunteering and community service?

TEACH • socially
We invite you to submit teaching sociology content, loosely, based on the following themes:
  • Pedagogy: What teaching philosophies can promote a more active and engaged classroom?

  • Activities: What activities or assignments can promote more student engagement?

  • Student-centered: How can we teach sociology through the perspective of our students?

  • Application: How can we better prepare students for applying sociology in their future careers?

  • Community Engagement: How can we promote more community engagement amongst our students?

More Information

1. You do not need to hold an official degree or represent a university to submit a project proposal. Projects claiming expertise will require some verification of qualifications, but is subject to the discretion of our editors.

2. We do not adhere to a word count requirement. Priority will be given to projects that make concise points using both text, and graphic or multimedia supplements.  

3. We encourage creativity and will publish a variety of content including narratives, informative travel guides, photo galleries, and video content. Written content may include blog-writing, social analysis, research findings, or stories. Teaching discussions, demonstrations, or strategies are also welcome.

4. If you are someone who practices sociology in a unique manner that you believe improves well-being, we would love to hear from you, highlight your experience, or share your work.

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