Why Study Sociology?

Why Study Sociology?

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This article is being published on behalf of Applied Worldwide's 2021 student essay competition. Students were prompted to respond to the question, "Why is sociology important?" We have awarded 17 finalists from all over the world, and will publish these essays over the next several weeks. This essay was written by Mairiga Jonathan, a student at A.B.U, Zaria in Nigeria. This essay received a first place award. We had a really great turnout and would like to thank everyone who submitted an essay. We received a wide variety of creative interpretations and responses, so browse our essay directory!

Mairiga Jonathan

The quest to understand society is gaining acceptance lately. Conversely, the systems and dynamics of our societies keeps changing. As such, if man cannot understand the social world, he is more likely to be overwhelmed by it. Today, the world is showcasing a series of lifestyles and developments and man must be ready to embrace what is considered socially acceptable. As man seeks to explore avenues of making the world a better place, sociology provides a platform to leverage on.  It is on this premise that the study of sociology is important.

Sociology is indispensable for understanding and planning society as society is a complex phenomenon with multiple intricacies. It is impossible to understand and solve the numerous societal problems without support of sociology. This field of study helps to determine the most efficient means for reaching the goals agreed upon. For example, in India, the problem of extreme poverty prompted sociologists to investigate the facts, causes and preventive measures which undoubtedly influenced social policy makers. The Indian society has now taken the task of changing itself from an agricultural society to an industrial one. Sociology has analyzed the causes of many maladies of the society and suggested the means of curing them. If the society is to develop and prosper, sociology is helpful in this regard. Sociology is an existing and illuminating field of study that analyzes and explains important matters in our personal lives, communities and the world. Sociology is important because it provides an intensive look at humanity.

More so, sociology has helped in value reorientation. Besides desegregation, sociology has played a crucial role in many important social reforms such as equal opportunity for women, improved treatment for people of all classes, the right of native populations to preserve their land and cultures, and prison system reforms amongst others. It is obvious that social evils do not just happen. Everything has its due cause. Sociology gives a strong desire and motivation to change society for the better. In practical terms, sociology provides many distinctive perspectives about the world; generating new ideas and critiquing the old. It broods citizens that desire a more just, equitable, and healthier world. It is the task of sociology to study social problems through scientific research and propose solutions to them. Today, countries in Africa are standing up against dictatorship and indiscriminate rule; there are stiff penalties for gender based offences in Asia and parts of South America and many other social and cultural reforms. Thus, sociology helps break through the prejudice and the caste system that prevails in our system.

Also, sociology is a great foundation for many occupations ranging from social work, teaching, criminal justice, management and research and so on. Sociology has a strong appeal to all types of minds. With it, one can choose a defined and supported career pathway from personal assessment and conviction and further establish your set skill to be involved in transformative experiences. Sociology has broken the bounds of other disciplines as a foundation that accomodate and explore the study of other fields.  It is a rapidly expanding field whose potential is increasingly being tapped by a wide range of professionals. Through sociological perspective, people see the world in strikingly new ways.

Still on this note,  Sociology addresses the most challenging issues of our time (ranging from politics, security, economy, international relations, religion, development, etc.). Sociology is a discipline built on passion and knowledge that asks questions. It is  grounded on swift approach and critical thinking. At a time when technology is spurring social development and interaction at breakneck speed, sociology as such is a major component of transformation for the 21st century. It is this relationship that makes sociology a rapidly expanding, sought after expertise. As the saying goes “the function of sociology as of every science is to reveal that which is hidden.” The knowledge of sociology is a prerequisite to any marked improvement in the state of human affairs of the world today.

On this premise, sociology is a captivating field that is worth studying.  A field that offers a range of promising horizons is a pool of attraction.  At a time when the world is embedded in a lot of social and humanitarian challenges, sociology offers a glimpse of hope to our fast deteriorating world.  It is the writer's desire that from this, notable sociologists will emerge.

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