Advertisement Disclosure Statement

At Applied Worldwide we earn our revenue in advertising. We take measures to ensure the advertisements viewers see on our site are as relevant as possible. We have also taken measures to ensure our ads are transparent to our viewers. With that said, here are more details on how we use advertisements on our site.
  1. Affiliate advertising: Applied Worldwide makes a commission on sales that occur through our affiliate links. These ads are marked with the label, “paid link from (company name)." As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
  2. Organizational and Campaign advertising: Applied Worldwide charges flat rates for ad space to organizations and campaigns whose mission or services meet the values of Applied Worldwide. These advertisements will appear on relevant content and be marked with the label, “recommended ad.”
  3. Advertising networks: Applied Worldwide makes per click revenue from advertising networks. These are ads generated by third party organizations that use data analytics to provide a relevant ad experience for our viewers. These ads are marked with the name of the external company.