Stephanie Wilson 

Stephanie received her M.A. degree in sociology from the University of Northern Colorado and is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in the department of sociology at Purdue University. Stephanie conducts research on health inequalities in the U.S., writing about issues such as provider-patient interactions, pain assessment biases, social stigma, and intersectionality in healthcare. Stephanie is also a trained dancer and believes that art and travel are some of the best ways to learn about society. You can connect with Stephanie on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or by email at

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Luke Hanna 

Luke received his M.A. degree in sociology from the University of Northern Colorado. Luke conducts community-based research, writing about topics such as Islamophobia, urbanism, and racial inequality. Luke is a veteran of the US Navy and has over six years of experience teaching sociology at the college level. You can connect with Luke on Twitter, Instagram, or by email at

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Guest Contributors

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Adamu Usman Garko

Adamu Usman Garko is a short story writer, an essayist and poet. He is the author of When Day Breaks, a collection of poetry, which was listed among the 15 Best Published Books in 2018 by DailyTrust newspaper; also, the book is a recommended text for 400l English students of Gombe State University in 2019. He is the 2020 winner of the Nigeria Prize for Teen Authors He is the convener of Gombe Book and Arts Festival, an in-coming literary festival in Nigeria to kickstart in 2020.

How a Sociologist Meets Kaduna at Night

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Ben Hewitson

Ben Hewitson is Head of Sociology at a school in the East of England. He runs the @allsociology instagram page and hosts the allsociology take1 podcast. He is also a freelance qualitative researcher and regularly works with clients from a variety of sectors to help them better understand their customers. He obtained a BA in Sociology from the University of Birmingham in 2007 and his Postgraduate Certificate of Education from the University of Suffolk in 2016. He lives in Ipswich, UK.

Using Instagram to Support Sociology Students

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Christopher Hutton

Christopher Hutton has been covering topics of technology and culture for multiple years, with work appearing in VICE, Paste Magazine and Religion News Service. He recently began to pursue getting a graduate degree in sociology at Ball State University, where he is studying the relationship of new media, Youtube culture and right-wing politics among college students. He also runs a newsletter titled the Digital Downstream, covering the intersection of internet culture with politics.

Content Analysis in Our Everyday Lives

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Hassan Idris 

Hassan Idris is a final year student of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria -Nigeria, studying Sociology and Anthroplogy. He is a poet, a member of the Creative writer's Club, A. B. U Zaria, Creative Club Gombe State University, Northern writer's Summit, Risingyouth and Hill-Top Creative Arts Foundation. His works has appeared in Zdigest, Yodelehub. Com, Kano State Students magazine, and Creative Writer's Club, Kongo Campus, A. B. U Zaria. He received an Award from the department of Sociology and Anthropology Ahmadu Bello University Zaria , Nigeria as the best researcher in 2017.  

How Sociology Plays a Role in My Poetry

Rufai Lateefah

I am an undergraduate student of Sociology, running my BSc programme in the University of Ilorin, Nigeria. I am currently in my penultimate year. I have a diploma in Business Administration, but diverted to studying sociology because of my interest in the societal issues it addresses, such as deviancy, social inequality among many others.​

The State of Sociology in Nigeria


The Process of Getting a Sociology Degree in Nigeria

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Abigail Nawrocki

Abigail received her Master’s in Sociology from Purdue University and is currently in her second year of Purdue’s Sociology PhD program. Abigail conducts research using an intersectional reproductive justice approach. Major themes in her work include the landscape of contraceptives and barriers to reproductive healthcare, the influence of power dynamics on sexual decision-making, and the impact of policies on reproductive health services and outcomes. She also runs a social problems podcast called Well, That’s a Problem. You can connect with Abigail on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

Well, That's a Problem: A Social Justice Podcast on Everyday Issues 

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Muhammad Saeed

I am Muhammad Saeed. I was born on the 9th of February in 1993. I am Nupe by tribe. I am still an undergraduate & am currently a 300 level student in the department of sociology, bayero university, kano. I attended primary school in the year 1997 to 2005 and my secondary school in 2006-2013 both in my home town "Niger state" @ Federal polytechnic staff secondary school bida. I am still single and I live happily with my parents and siblings.

How I Use Sociology in the ENACTUS Program

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Jared M. Wright

Jared M. Wright is currently a PhD candidate in Sociology at Purdue University, and recently took part in the Oxford Internet Institute’s 2019 Summer Doctoral Programme. His areas of research include digital sociology, political sociology, social movements, hacktivism, intellectual property and piracy, surveillance and privacy, and intersectional solidarity, along with both computational and qualitative research methods. Jared is interested in how new technologies reshape society, particularly in relation to power dynamics, social inequalities, and contentious politics.

Exploring Your Own Culture Abroad: An Account of an American Sociologist in Turkey

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