Our Story

Applied Worldwide began in August of 2015 when we attended the annual American Sociological Association meetings together in Chicago, IL. In the early stages, we merely dreamed of a way to "change the game" of sociology, to use our knowledge to bring positive change to communities around the world, to make sociology count. Little did we know, only four short years later we would start to make that dream a reality by creating Applied Worldwide.
Read more about our story here: Making Sociology Count

Our Philosophy

At Applied Worldwide we believe in a Dynamic Sociology where sociological knowledge is both produced and applied to enact positive changes in communities throughout the globe. 
We understand that a lot of good sociology goes unnoticed. Students spend months on term papers, only to place them permanently in archived folders. Works deemed "not theoretical enough" may go unpublished. "Side-projects" in local communities may not appear "scientific" enough to distribute. Practitioners have limited outlets for projects, and worst of all, there are virtually no platforms for the public to engage with sociology.
We believe that everyone's experience matters. We all make observations and develop our own theoretical understandings of society. Sociology provides a system by which we can make sense of our everyday experiences. It is a tool that the public should have access to and be able to help shape.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance a vision of sociology focused around application. Applied Worldwide will collaborate with sociologists and the public to build and distribute three types of multi-media content.
Learn: We aim to produce relevant sociological content that either demonstrates applied sociology or encourages critical discussions of sociology as an academic discipline.
Explore: We aim to produce multimedia narrative-based content that demonstrates how people experience the world. Experience can be captured in a variety of ways such as travel, art, and hobbies.
Teach: We aim to produce content designed to assist instructors in creating a more relatable sociology, with the assumption students will be more likely to apply our theories and methods beyond the classroom.

Our Strategy

At Applied Worldwide we use social media to bring sociology to the public with a marketing strategy designed to put knowledge in the hands of those who can create social change. 

Learn How to Contribute

At Applied Worldwide, both formally trained sociologists and the general public can contribute to the conversation about how to improve the well-being of society. Click here to learn more.